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When is it time to sell?
When is it time to sell your business? Only you can make that final decision, but the following points are worth considering:
  • Do you still have the desire and the excitement? Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Businesses rarely stay level -- they either grow and succeed -- or become stagnant and die. It is dependent on the desire of the owner.
  • Are you willing to invest the resources and time to keep up with new technology? If not, growth will be hard to achieve as you will l ikely fall behind your competitors.
  • Most industries go through a metamorphosis every five years. Are you excited about the changes in your field or do they make you tired just thinking about them? Can you afford the changes financially?
    Contact FNBCIowa
    If you have questions about selling your business or feel that now is the right time to put your business on the market, contact us for an appointment to meet with you, either at your offices or ours.
    Listing Agreement
    Once you have decided to list your business with FNBCIowa, we will assist in determining a fair market value for the business and it will be placed on the market. This list price will be represented in the listing agreement along with the other terms and conditions of that agreement.
    FNBCIowa requires a signed non-disclosure agreement before any business information is given to potential buyers, which we have previously qualified. FNBCIowa will be your sole and exclusive business broker. We will make certain not to jeopardize business relationships with employees, banks, creditors, and suppliers, etc.
    After your business has been listed with First National Business Corporation of Iowa, it will be professionally marketed to potential buyers. In addition to heavy print advertisements, a general description will be posted on this website. The above will be performed without divulging the specific name or address of each business for sale.
    Presentation Package
    For every business listed with FNBCIowa, a presentation package is developed. This package contains a detailed write-up, business information, and digital pictures of each business. Packages are only shown to qualified buyers who have executed non-disclosure agreements.
    Close Contact
    The brokers at FNBCIowa will keep in close contact with the seller to inform them on the progress of the selling process.
    FNBCIowa will contact and conduct all negotiation with potential buyers so as to avoid disruption of the seller's daily business operations. If an offer is tended on your business, your broker will manage all the necessary steps through the closing.

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