Is it Time to Buy a Business?

Have you considered starting, expanding, or buying a business? If so, then you can benefit from the services of FNBC Iowa. Somewhat like a real estate broker aids a homeowner in the selling of his home, an FNBC Iowa agent represents a business owner in the sale of his business.

As part of our service to the buyer, we help:

  • Determine what type of opportunity is suitable for you
  • Present the available opportunities to you
  • Provide information and answer your questions
  • Navigate the way to a closed transaction


No fees are charged to the buyer

Although some individuals prefer the challenge of starting their business from the ground up, purchasing an established business is often a sensible alternative. An existing business is likely to include many of these amenities: name recognition, a customer base, a revenue stream, the fixtures, furniture and equipment needed to operate the business and finally a track record when seeking financing.

FNBC Iowa can provide important items to qualified buyers in a professionally presented business presentation. We will have all the pertinent information from tax returns, equipment listings property leases and any other pertinent information to serious buyers. FNBC Iowa can also assist in making introduction to accounting and legal professionals in Eastern Iowa.



FNBC Iowa has a proven program to help buyers obtain financing. Typically the buyer will need to supply 15 % to 25% of the purchase price. FNBC Iowa will work on the loan package for the serious buyer and will present the financing request to various banking institution for financing options.