Why a Business Broker?

Why Use a Business Broker?

Selling a business yourself can be a tragic mistake. It takes away from you running the business, destroys the confidentiality necessary to retain your employees & customers, limits the pool of potential buyers and deprives you from a third party to help negotiate on your behalf.

At FNBC Iowa, we do more than just bring the buyer and seller together. We are experts in selling businesses. Our brokers can guide the business owner through the complex process and clear the hurdles involved with coordinating with the various parties to a sale transaction including attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and banks.

FNBC Iowa invests the capital, resources and time to properly market and sell businesses. With this dedicated focus, it allows the business owner to focus on running their business throughout the transaction process. We are able to use our 20-year proven methodology for both sellers and buyers to confidentially assist in the sale of a business from start to successful finish. We understand the need for complete confidentiality and professionalism in the marketing of a business.

When deciding whether or not to use a business broker, don’t forget theĀ Nine Questions You Should Ask Your Business Broker.

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FNBC Iowa has the complete focus needed to sell your business.
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