Nine Questions for Your Business Broker


Is selling businesses your only business?

Whether you are selling a business, expanding it or purchasing a business you need professional services. At FNBC Iowa selling businesses is our only business. Real estate brokers are very capable when it comes to selling real estate, but you do not want a  “For Sale” sign in front of your business or be listed on multiple listing service so everyone know its for sale. You need to control confidentiality. Consultants, CPA’s and Attorneys have many other responsibilities and functions and cannot concentrate exclusively on selling your business. You need a professional who is dedicated upon selling your business and knows how to do it.


How will my business be marketed?

A tailor made marketing program will be established for each listing. An initial brief business description referring to nature of business, general attributes, and location will be held in our inventory listing. Qualified buyers will then be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. FNBC Iowa will then orchestrate a complete presentation outlining the opportunity. A professionally prepared document will be provided to the buyer to support the presentation. This presentation will include descriptions of market niches, business reputation, financial characteristics and other pertinent information.

In addition to publishing your listing on our FNBC Iowa web site, we will advertise your business on

Finally and most importantly with over 50 years of business experience in Eastern Iowa our referral network is extensive. We have relationships with accountants, bankers, lawyers and former clients that are strong and well established.


How am I assured of confidentiality?

With over 50 years of Eastern Iowa business experience, our reputations have been made and will not be jeopardized in the Eastern Iowa business community.

We deal with confidential matters on a daily basis.


Can you provide me with references?

Yes! Check back soon for details.


How often will I be contacted about what is going on?

FNBC Iowa has a very structured program in place for the information flow regarding the sale of your business. You’ll be in constant telephone and email contact with your FNBC Iowa agent. Of course you’ll be contacted immediately any time qualified buyers decide to investigate your business.


May I have a sample of your listing agreement and non-disclosure agreement?

Yes. Here are links to our sample documents:


Are you affiliated with any other brokers or business organizations?

Under normal circumstances we do not co-broker business listings with other brokers. If we are going to market and sell your business confidentially, we need complete control over the process.


How is a market price achieved?

Professionals at FNBC Iowa, in correlation with the business owner, will evaluate not only cash flow but also discretionary cash flow is setting a core cash generating ability of the business. Once this is done, tangible and intangible assets, including reputation, business name, imputed rent, longevity, and other factors will be evaluated and included in reaching a fair listing price.

FNBC Iowa principals will then draw on their knowledge of market place of financing parameters to help evaluate the marketability of the listing price. Buyers must keep in mind all-cash deals usually results in a lower selling price. Transactions containing a portion of seller carry-back financing or earn-out structures may enable a listing at a higher price.


How much does it cost?

FNBC Iowa charges fees only to the seller and only when the business is sold. The standard fee is 10% of the sales price or $8,000.00, whichever is greater.

No fees or financing fees are charged to the buyer.

FNBC Iowa has the complete focus needed to sell your business.
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